October 28, 2013

IRAs – Required Minimum Distribution

By Myra O’Dell As you make your list of things to do before the end of the year, don’t forget to take your required minimum distribution […]
October 23, 2013

Time, Not Timing, Is the Key to Long Term Success

By Nathan Goodwin The stock market can be a wild ride. Recent history has been no different as domestic and international economics, government shutdowns and budgets, […]
October 10, 2013

Traditional or Roth IRA?

By Myra O’Dell of BCS Wealth Management and Sarah Presnell of Blackburn, Childers & Steagall If you have your retirement savings in a traditional IRA, you […]
October 3, 2013

A Government Shutdown Begins… What does that mean for you and your investments?

By Nick Clay The United States government has begun a partial shutdown after Congress failed to adopt a new budget into place. This is not the […]
September 27, 2013

How Risky Is the Stock Market? – Part 2

By James Motte In a previous post, I provided support of how risky the “Stock Market” is with an all-equity portfolio (S&P 500 as the “Market”).  […]
September 6, 2013

Investing Terms

By Nathan Goodwin Someone recently told me he enjoyed following the stock market, but he didn’t understand much of the terminology that comes up in conversation and […]
August 28, 2013

Coalition 4 Kids

Recently, BCS Wealth partners Mike Alread and Nick Clay played in the charity golf tournament benefit for Coalition 4 Kids. Mike and Nick love to play […]
July 29, 2013

Congrats Nathan!

By Kim Blankenstein Congratulations to Nathan Goodwin and wife, Keely on the birth of their daughter, Jovie.  She arrived at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 17th […]
July 23, 2013

Investor Behavior and the Hot-Hand Fallacy

By Myra O’Dell According to Morningstar, the hot-hand fallacy is when an investor perceives trends where none exists and consequently takes action on this faulty observation.  […]
July 17, 2013

Interest Rates and Bond Duration Affect Total Returns

By Nathan Goodwin While interest rates over the past several years have provided consumers with some of the lowest borrowing costs in history, investors and retirees needing […]