Are You Receiving Medicare Advantage Benefits Through CrestPoint Health?

As many of you may have heard, Mountain States Health Alliance announced Wednesday April 13th, that they are closing their health insurance company CrestPoint Health. This is the insurance company the employees of Mountain States Health Alliance carry, and also a regional Medicare Advantage provider. The switch for Hospital employees will be seamless, as they have already started working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN, and the new coverage will take affect July, 1st.

However, for the almost 6,000 Medicare members of CrestPoint Health, changing plans will require a few more steps in the next 45 days. Current members of CrestPoint plans are allowed a Special Election Period (SEP) to shop plans and will need to make a new plan election by May 31st for their new plan to begin June 1st. During this transition, there are no health questions asked, no pre-existing conditions clause or waiting periods. Important things to consider while shopping plans are: how do the benefits comparable to my current plan? Does my doctor’s office take the new plan? How are my medications covered under the new prescription plan co-pays?

We are available to help you navigate this transition, and we have the resources to help you find the plan that will fit your needs going forward. Please don’t hesitate to speak to our insurance advisors if you have questions, or need to make this transition before May 31st.

Click here for a link to the press release.

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