Happy 100th Birthday!

By Mike Alread

bonnie miller 100

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege to share a special occasion with our most “senior” client, Bonnie Miller, as we celebrated her 100th birthday!  We had lunch with Bonnie, her brother, and some of their friends.  The folks at the Blackthorn Club graciously prepared a beautiful and tasty cake for us.

Bonnie and her brother, Hubert (age 96!) have been clients of BCS for many years.  They have outlived their spouses, siblings and have now lived together for many years.  Neither have children so there are few family members to be found.  Bonnie shared that their mother lived to be 107!  They both are in great health and anticipate many great years to come.  They are regular walkers at the Johnson City Mall during the week.  They also have very keen minds and sharp political opinions!  And another interesting fact is that Hubert continues to drive wherever they need to go.

BCS Wealth now serves 8 clients who are age 90 and above.  Several clients have now spent more years in retirement than in their working career.  Twenty years ago financial planners were using life expectancy tables out to age 80-85, now we use 100-105.  The main question people want answered when considering retirement is “Which will last longer—me or my money?”  We all know what the answer is, but are we doing the necessary things to prepare for our retirement?  To me, the latter question is the most important—Are you taking the necessary steps now to help insure for a life in retirement?

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