How Well Do You Know Your BCS Wealth Management Team?

Mike Alread, CFP® – Managing Partner

Having been born and raised in Augusta, Georgia I attended the Masters Golf tournament many times as both a teenager and adult.  One day I received a phone call from an old childhood friend who invited me to play the Augusta National Golf Course.  So in February of 1985, I played the course, played the Par 3 course and had lunch in the clubhouse.  The highlight of that round was that I birdied my favorite hole of all time there, the Par 3 number 16.  I also birdied the Par 5 number 8 and the Par 5 number 13.  I won’t mention the scores of the other fifteen holes!

On my 50th birthday, my wife (Le) and I played the Pebble Beach Golf Course in Monterey, CA.  It was a sunny, warm and wind-less day.  The highlight of the round came on the famous Par 3 number 7.  Le made a par and I made a birdie!  There are many beautiful golf courses throughout the world and Pebble Beach ranks very high in my book.

Nick Clay, AAMS® Partner-in-Charge

I am named after Jack Nicklaus (famous golfer) who was my Dad’s favorite golfer, but my mom wouldn’t let my Dad spell my name the same way as his because she thought people would think it was weird.

James Motte, CPA, CFP®- Chief Compliance Officer

I’ve lived in 11 different states  – South Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Louisiana, Florida, Connecticut, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, North Dakota.

Myra O’Dell, CFP®, MBA – Client Service Associate

I’ve been to 13 NCAA Final Four Championships.

Nathan Goodwin, JD – Financial Advisor

I was the division winner in a 2005 Key West fishing tournament for Cobia.

Tyler Mackie, Insurance and Group Benefits Specialist

I was 2nd place in the state in 1996 for 4-H Rodeo.  We placed in team roping. I was a rodeo clown for 4 years, 2 of which were for semi-pro IPRA where I was sponsored by the local country station. I have river rafted four of the top five rivers in the USA, losing my four front teeth on the Ocoee.

Kim Blankenstein, Office Administrator

The picture below left is part of a television video clip which was taken in the bottom of the ninth inning from May of 2006 (the year the Chicago White Sox won the World Series).  It was right at the moment my son Brandon, age 11 caught the Game Winning Home Run!!  The home run hit by Jermaine Dye was the ESPN play of the week.

The picture below right was taken in 2008 when my son Kevin biked 68.5 miles in the Tour de Nantahala when he was 15.

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