Money Smart Week – Kids Reading Opportunity

BCS Wealth Management believes in the positive impact of teaching financial literacy to all ages, especially to kids. Gaining an understanding of money and financial self-control can help kids to develop a sense of confidence about how they handle their own money. This is crucial to their well-rounded development, especially as they grow into young adults with more freedom to make their own financial decisions.

We invite your family to participate in this year’s Money Smart Week, a virtual reading and learning activity for kids aged 4-10. Money Smart Week aims to introduce young children to valuable money management skills in a fun and memorable way.

Each year the American Library Association and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau team-up to select an outstanding money-themed children’s book. This year’s book is the Berenstain Bears’ Trouble with Money by Stan and Jan Berenstain. This video program has a read-along of the book, and it also includes opportunities for interaction with the kids before and after the video.

To participate, simply catch the video program at this link.

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