Myra O’Dell Named Partner at BCS Wealth Management

Congratulations to Myra O’Dell, our newest partner at BCS Wealth Management!  Myra has been with our firm nearly 13 years and we look forward to many more years with Myra as part of our ownership team. She brings a wide array of technical knowledge and education to our team, but also the skill set and the understanding to explain complex investing or financial planning concepts to clients who don’t have a financial background.

Myra is a Certified Financial PlannerTM and specializes in working with individuals to provide retirement planning, wealth preservation and investment advice. She also has a focus on estate planning and working with trustees, executors and beneficiaries by helping them to navigate through procedures and responsibilities.

Myra is a Kingsport native and currently lives in Johnson City. Myra is a graduate of Milligan College with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration. She enjoys playing tennis and volleyball, and loves to travel, especially to watch sporting events or visit new places.

Myra is available for complimentary consultations, and you can reach her at 423.283.9821 or

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