***New Hike Date: July 1***

By Mike Alread
Flame Azalea Blooms Blue Ridge Mountains Roan Highlands State Park on Appalachian Trail

As they say “third time is the charm!” We are shooting for Friday, July 1, as our inaugural BCSWM Hike. Same route, details, etc. See previous info below. Please email me to save a spot for you. We may start a little earlier that morning since the weather has warmed up but will let you know specifics very soon.


Have you ever been told to “TAKE A HIKE?” Well, I have been told plenty of times, and it is time to take that hike. We are launching a new program called BCSWM Hiking Club. It is for clients, friends, family, etc. There are many people who currently hike, backpack, and walk so we thought it would be exciting to put something more formal in place where we can get to know more people and encourage healthy living while enjoying the beautiful scenery where we reside.

So, we are planning our first hike on April 1 (yes, I know its April Fool’s Day) at Watauga Lake. It actually is on the Appalachian Trail from Shook Branch Recreation Area to Watauga Dam. The distance is about 6 miles round trip. I’ve hiked it before and there is some elevation change but not anything too difficult. There are many views of the lake along the way and the views on top of the dam are absolutely beautiful.

Depending on how many people will join will determine our meeting place. Our thought is to have lunch at the picnic area at the lake or possibly take our lunch on the hike and eat at the dam. Time frame is from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. We have ordered long sleeve and short sleeve BCSWM Hiking Club shirts for those who attend. We will get more details out soon but if you are interested then email me:

Speaking of hiking, we are going to be a major sponsor for the 2016 American Heart Association’s annual “5-K Heart Walk” that will be held in downtown Johnson City on Sunday, September 18 at 2 pm. Save that date and we will get more information out later this spring.

Hope you can join us for both/either of these two events and look forward to doing more of these kinds of things in the future.


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