Resuming Normal Office Operations May 26

BCS Wealth Management plans to resume normal office operations with the full team working on-site starting Tuesday, May 26, 2020. During the COVID-19 restrictions, the majority of our team has been working remotely. Meanwhile, one partner and part of our administrative team has been working at the office during all business hours to ensure continuity for our clients.

Here are the key dates of our team’s integration back into our normal routine:

From May 11-22, we will be returning to work in the office gradually and in phases. We will still not hold in-person meetings during this time. However, the front office will be open during this time to allow for information pick-up and drop-off, as well as signatures on time-sensitive information.

Starting on May 26, we will resume normal operations and will allow in-person meetings. We still will welcome any communications by phone, email, portal, drop box, etc. We will encourage social distancing and will continue to take other precautions, such as frequently sanitizing office area furniture, surfaces, etc.

These will be our plans assuming that governmental authorities do not issue guidance to the contrary between now and then.

Our staff looks forward to working together under one roof again. We hope you and your family are well, and we look forward to catching up with you sometime soon.

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