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We’re full steam ahead into 2022! It almost doesn’t seem possible as I write this and reflect on the past year, but nonetheless here we are in 2022.

If we didn’t know already, we should know by now that the future is somewhat unpredictable. The last couple of years have created a “different” world. Rest assured one thing is constant: our commitment to take care of our clients at the highest level possible. In fact, business is as normal as it can be for your BCS Wealth Management team.

Despite the turmoil and obstacles of recent years, our firm still experienced growth in 2021 in terms of clients, assets managed, and revenue. It is the 12th consecutive year we’ve done so. Since we’ve not been able to see as many clients in person or hold as many client events, I thought it would be fun to update everyone on a few happenings from around the firm over the last year.

Proactive Growth

In March, we moved our Johnson City office to Building F in Sunset Professional Park. We didn’t go far. The move was just across the parking lot, but it afforded us additional space for our growing team, as well as additional conference rooms for the benefit of our team and clients. One thing we learned is that just because you aren’t moving far, it doesn’t mean moving is easy! Fortunately, we were able to move without disruption in business.

We’ve always strived to build our firm to stand out from the crowd and be different (in a good way!). This started with our mantra of being independent. This independence allows us to grow (or not grow) on our own terms and make decisions we believe are truly in the best interest of the clients we serve. We have been fortunate to experience significant growth of our client base over the last few years.

It has been a blessing because we truly enjoy coming to work each day and playing a role in our clients’ lives, many of whom we also call friends. As we’ve grown over the years, it has been important to us to invest in growth, whether it be new technology, office space, or people. This approach keeps our vision clear and allows us to be proactive instead of reactive, which ultimately increases the client experience instead of disrupting it.

Exciting Comings and Goings

Shortly after our move, we were fortunate to add two new financial advisors to our team, John Brandon and Scott Linn. Both John and Scott bring many years of advisory experience and advanced professional designations to our team, as well as diverse business backgrounds. They will provide additional perspective and expertise to our clients, as well as our Investment Committee that is now chaired by Philip “P.B.” Bachman.

Last year we also added Michelle Melton and Audrey Yellen to our operations staff as Client Service Associates. Michelle and Audrey both bring extensive client service backgrounds and experience in the financial services industry.

On a more bittersweet note, Kim Blankenstein retired in December. Many of our clients got to know Kim, and she was integral to our operations team for many years. Although we are sad to see Kim go, we are grateful for her time with us and are incredibly happy for her retirement milestone.

I believe that we have great people that are knowledgeable and align with our client- and family-first culture. Get your sunglasses out because the future is very bright!

Technology for the Better

More than ever, we are living in a highly advanced technological age. For better or worse, there is no end in sight. In addition to investing in quality people and in an effort to continuously serve our clients efficiently at a high level, we continue to evaluate and invest in new technology. Not all of the investments are directly seen by our clients, but the internal process and, therefore, client outcomes are greatly enhanced. In the past couple of years, we have made substantial investments in areas like trading, reporting, risk alignment, virtual meeting software, etc. That trend will continue this year. We continue to evaluate new tools that we believe will make financial outcomes and client experiences even better.

Meaningful Work

Our clients are all unique with different situations and goals. I speak for our entire team when I say that we truly enjoy providing peace of mind to whatever the situation may be. Simply put, we work to take the stress and anxiety out of the wealth management process so that our clients can focus on other things that are important to them and their family and/or business.

I’m confident we are positioned well to accomplish our goal of helping our clients achieve their goals and providing peace of mind to our current and future clients for years to come.

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