The Tamarac Portal for Our Schwab Clients

In today’s always-on, digitally connected world, we know how important it is to have access to information about your portfolios on the go. We have invested in technology called Tamarac to give you access to reports including account transactions, performance, holdings, and more via a mobile app or web browser. These reports can be tailored to the information most important to you.

This service is in addition to Schwab’s online and mobile account access, which will continue to be available directly through Schwab. The Tamarac reports expand upon the information provided by Schwab. They present it in an easy-to-understand layout.

Additionally, we have the ability to securely store important documents in Tamarac for your access. Our firm will post quarterly reports and announcements using Tamarac for those interested. Our quarterly reports will provide transparent fee information, market and economic review, and outlook from our partners. We encourage you to try out this new feature. Contact Yvonne at 423-283-9821 or to get started.

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